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Put your headphones on, close your eyes and surprise yourself!

Explore, discover, and solve the mysteries of Earth's most exotic locations!

Overcome numerous challenges to rescue beloved Grandpa Leopoldo.

Feel the experience of flying, diving, climbing a mountain, entering a cave of bats, facing stone giants, dinosaurs and even beings from other planets! All this and more!

But worry not; you will not be alone - a friendly creature with the fearless and curious Carolina will be with you.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and embark on this thrilling adventure in your amazing mind!

Amazing Mind 3D

Your series of adventure, suspense
and science fiction with virtual reality via headphones!

The story

Story is based on the family ties of grandparents and grandchildren that are in the school holidays. It shows the disappearance of the grandfather, and the grandmother's effort of not-show concern, always reinforcing the adventurous spirit of the grandfather, revealing his profession of archaeologist and his thirst for solving mysteries by the world.

In pursuit of adventures, and intrigued by the mystery of Grandpa's disappearance, the children scour the house until they find peculiar ancient artifacts in the attic.

Something happens and they will stop in another dimension. New friends, New Adventures, new mysteries will find, but to find grandpa, it is necessary more than imagination, it takes an amazing mind!


Main Features

Version 1.09 (2017)

• Surprise yourself with the incredible 3d audio technology

• Discover new sensations of virtual reality through your mind and your headphones.

• Live the experience of being inside the story with blue and Carolina

• Visit places and times when you never imagined being

• More than 90 minutes of pure emotion, divided into 13 episodes.

• Try this adventure also in English.

• Light blue and Carolina where you want, with or without Internet (access on and off line)



3D audio is so named because it possesses three-dimensional properties. 

Through it, we can distinguish sounds coming from ALL directions and depth. We are able to perceive a person walking behind us, all with normal headphones. 

The amazing sensation even simulates someone close to the point that we FEEL them blowing our ear. 

This opens up a gigantic range of possibilities between IMAGINATION and REALITY.


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